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Spring Featured Pet - Meet Champ!

Our Spring Featured Pet is Champ, a 14 year old heeler/golden retriever/lab mix, who resides in Crestone with his moms, Nicole and Shannon. Here’s a little more about Champ:

Champ is such a sweet fella!

Nicknames: Dinky, Champi Wampi, Mr. Handsome

Does your pet have any siblings (human or animal)? He did for 9 years. Louie, his younger brother, crossed over the rainbow bridge in August 2019. Champi was sad at first, but now he's enjoying the attention of being an only child in his senior years!

Favorite toy or game: He loves "hide 'n' seek" with his mama Nic. His favorite toy is "Mr. Buffalo" a stuffed cuddly buffalo.

Favorite thing to do with his people: In Champ's younger years, he was a runner! He would trail run with his mama Nic for a few miles every week. When he wasn't running in the woods, he loved to meet up with his dog pack at the local park every afternoon to play fetch. Champ would usually get the ball; he was the fastest dog in the park! Now, at 14, Champ has slowed down a bit, but he still loves to get out in the woods and sniff around. He likes to dip his toes (and sometimes his head!) into the creeks of Crestone. When he's not out and about exploring, his favorite thing is to sit on the porch and watch the wildlife: birds, deer, and people! He loves road trips to new places, and loves a good patio where strangers come up, love on him and give him treats!

Champi loves going on hikes and sniffing around!

Special Talents: He knows all the tricks in the book but his favorite one is "High 5" and he can get anyone on this planet to give him a piece of bacon (that's his favorite human food.)

More from Nicole and Shannon: "Champi was adopted from a Mississippi animal shelter by his mama Nic when he was 6 weeks old and when she was in college. He was found on the side of a Mississippi road and, because he was alone, they were going to put him down the next day (it was a high-kill shelter). It was love at first sight, and they have been inseparable ever since! Champ has moved 9 times in 5 different states and loves the adventure - as long as he's with his family, he's home (but the Colorado Rockies are by far his favorite place to live)!"

Searching for your next best friend? Shelter dogs can make wonderful additions to your family! Please consider adopting through one of our local shelters:

He loves snuggling with his toys!

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