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Summer's Almost Here!

Making Summer Travel Plans? Don’t forget about your furry family members! Many of us are beginning to plan trips for the warm weather, so don’t forget to include planning ahead for your pets and home as well. These plans may include:

Hudson loves the trails at the Riparian Park!
  • Checking that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date, especially if they will be staying at a boarding or daycare facility; you may also want to consider vaccinations that may apply if you are taking your dog out into the wilderness with you (like Leptospirosis or Lyme disease) - check with your vet for what may be appropriate for your travels.

  • Have any necessary travel health certificates or documents that may be required for lodging check-ins in a safe and secure location if you are bringing your pet with you.

  • If traveling with your pet, research ahead of time emergency and regular vet offices in the area you will be staying and on your travel route if you are doing a road trip - this could save your pet's life!

  • Ensure that anyone caring for your pet(s) and/or home have your most up-to-date contact info, a way to reach the place you are staying, and an emergency contact in case you are unreachable.

Brew loves stopping to smell the wildflowers!
  • Microchip your pet, whether they are staying home or going with you - this is an inexpensive and easy way to give your pet permanent identification, and can quickly be done at the vet’s office with minimal discomfort to your pet. If your pet gets separated from you/your home and is brought to a vet clinic or shelter, they can scan for the chip and get your contact info from an online database, just remember to keep your info updated if you move or change phone numbers!

  • Reserve accommodations in advance - Summer is a very popular time of year to travel, so boarding facilities, daycares, and pet sitters book up quickly! You may also have a harder time finding pet-friendly hotels/vacation rentals if you wait too long to book and don’t have flexible travel plans.

  • If using a pet sitter or house sitter, make sure they are updated not only with your contact info, but with any changes involving the care of your pet(s) or home that may have happened since the last time you used their services.

Don't forget to update your sitter about your pet's care!
  • When traveling with your pet, make sure they are appropriately restrained in your vehicle (crated, dog seat belt harness, etc.) to prevent distracted driving or injury in case of an accident, and make sure to have a pet first aid kit and enough emergency supplies for your pet as well as you/your travel companions.

  • Be sure to review Summer Safety Tips for Pets before bringing your pet with you into the great outdoors, and bring enough water for you both - don’t forget a collapsible water bowl for your pet!

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