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Winter Featured Pet - Meet Brew the Greyhound!

Brew, looking very dapper in his winter coat!

Our featured pet for winter is Brew - a 5 year old retired racing Greyhound! Brew was adopted over the summer by his mom, Colleen, and lives in Alamosa along with his sister, Stella (mixed breed). Here’s a little more about Brew:

Nicknames: Brewmiester; Brewer; Brewski; Tall, long and handsome

Favorite Toy or Game: Stuffed chicken and stuffed cat

Favorite Activity with His Human: Go on walks through the neighborhood and spy on all the evil cats lurking under the bushes and around the corner. He is very nosy (given his looong nose).

Special Talents: He sings to certain songs and sirens.

More from Colleen: “Brew worked hard as a racer and now he is enjoying the spoils of retirement. Some things about domestic life still freak him out, but he has recovered from his fear of ceiling fans.”

Brew can easily outrun his BFF Dave!

Wondering if a Greyhound is right for your family? Here’s a little more information about the breed:

  • Despite their reputation as racers, Greyhounds have a relatively low activity level, with short bursts of activity. They are lovingly known as “40mph couch potatoes” by their owners.

  • Overall, Greyhounds are very healthy dogs, but because they are a deep-chested breed, they can be prone to bloat, so their owners should become familiar with signs of bloat, as well as ways to prevent bloating

  • Fun Fact: According to the AKC, “the first knowledge of the Greyhound comes from the Tomb of Amten, in the Valley of the Nile, regarded by Egyptologists as belonging to the Fourth Dynasty, which in modern chronology would be between 2900 and 2751BC!”

  • Because Greyhounds were bred to hunt by sight and to course game independently of humans, they can tend to come across as stubborn when being trained. Plenty of patience and positive reinforcement will be your best tools, as this breed is more interested in doing things with you rather than for you.

  • Fun Fact: The maximum speed of a Greyhound tops out at 45mph!

  • Due to their short, smooth coat, Greyhounds require little grooming beyond regular baths and wipedowns. However, like all dogs, their nails need regular trims to keep them from getting too long and causing foot discomfort or pain.

The Greyhound in his natural habitat!
  • Retired racing Greyhounds, like Brew, can make great pets for individuals and families. It may take them a little time to adjust to “normal” life, but they can excel at any number of activities, like agility, rally, coursing, tracking, obedience, or just being your best friend!

  • Fun Fact: When running, Greyhounds spend 75% of their time in the air!

Interested in adopting a Greyhound of your very own? Or maybe just donating to a good cause? Here are some resources about the breed, and where you can adopt your very own:

Brew loves hiking the Alamosa trails!

Check out our Fall Featured Pet here, and our other blogs here! If you'd like to have your pet featured, please contact us through our website, Facebook, or at for more information.



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